8 Stylish Gym Storage Solutions

8 Stylish Gym Storage Solutions

At some point in time, you’ll need somewhere to store all your gym equipment. Our Gym Storage Solutions at Apollo Fitness can store all gym equipment like weight plates, barbells, exercise mats, dumbbells, kettlebells, sand bags, resistance bands, exercise balls, suspension trainers, and more.

Utilise extra space in your garage gym, home gym, or commercial training facility with our wide range of stylish gym storage solutions. Our gym storage solutions range from free-standing gym storage racks to wall-mounted gym storage racks.

8 Stylish Gym Storage Solutions that can help turn an abandoned corner of your gym into a motivating and clutter-free workout space

  • Sandbag Storage Rack
  • Sandbags are a giant nuisance. Sandbag storage rack can store these big sandbags. It is very beneficial as it helps secure at least five sandbags. Its Sturdy construction with an enormous capacity can be placed against the wall in the middle of any space. It is very convenient for home as well as commercial gyms.

  • Two Bay Custom Modular Rack with Storage Bay
  • Two Bay Custom Modular Racks with Storage Bay have storage between bays, attachments, and more. It is very useful and can fit in various spaces. It is suitable for full commercial gyms and personal training studios. 

  • Slam Ball Rack
  • Categorise your slam balls and keep your facility neat and clutter-free with the help of a slam ball rack. This rack is great as it is Stable and sturdy enough to take the load of heavy slam and medicine balls. This unique space-saving system keeps any fitness facility look professional and organized.

  • Hex Dumbbell storage rack
  • You can place all kinds of Hex dumbbells on the Hex Dumbbell Storage Rack. This rack adopts the I-shaped base to make it more stable and safer. It is a thickened steel plate with ultra stability and non-slip screws, not loose and not falling off.

    The high-quality materials of the Hex Dumbbell Rack make it very durable. A plastic card slot prevents the dumbbell plating handle and facilitating the dumbbell placement. It has a compact design, which makes it easy to move at any time and takes up the smallest volume when assembled.

  • Gun Rack
  • Gun Rack is a Convenient wall storage standard bar and can hold up to 300 pounds. It is a very useful product made up of good quality heavy gauge steel.

  • Four Bay Free Standing Monkey Bar Rig
  • The Four Bay Free Standing Monkey Bar Rig is the best storage solution for serious group workouts and training.  It is constructed from fully commercial heavy-duty British steel in the UK, giving it high durability.

    So, keep your gym flexible and tailored to your specific requirements by purchasing these highly versatile bar rigs.

  • Two Bay Wall Mounted Rig
  • Two Bay wall-mounted rig is the perfect storage solution for integrating attachments. It maximises your workout space. These Rigs come with an expansion option so that users can expand them according to needs. Wall-mounted rigs can fit in the least amount of space and are also ideal for narrow spaces.

  • Transportable Plate Storage
  • This transportable plate storage solution piece is ideal for any gym. It helps you move multiple heavy plates through the gym with ease while reducing the risk of straining yourself. 

    It has high-weight capacity wheels, high-end urethane wheels, and high-end bearings in the wheel swivel to not fail under a heavy load.

    Find the Best and Most Stylish Gym Storage Solution at Apollo Fitness 

    If you don’t want to turn your gym into a messy jumble, try the above-mentioned stylish Gym Storage Solution. Check out the best gym storage solution at Apollo Fitness for keeping your fitness equipment nice and tidy. So, contact us now!

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