Best Exercise Equipment At Home

Best Exercise Equipment At Home

Don’t just stay at home, stay fit at home!

The year 2020 took everyone by the storm and made us realise so many things. We had to do everything from the comfort of our home to be safe, be it work or workout. However, every problem comes with the solution and the solution to stay fit from home is brought to you by Apollo Fitness!

You might not have the opportunity to go to the gym but that doesn’t mean that gym can’t come to you. To make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of the best exercise equipment at home that can help you to stay in shape or get a desired one.


Top exercise equipment for your home


Home treadmill


Running is a great exercise and what if we can’t go out for a run? We can always go for an alternative and get a home treadmill. It doesn’t only help with the weight loss but it also aids in a better mental health and improved flexibility. This one time investment is going to help you in not just one but a number of ways. Say goodbye to those expensive gym memberships and get a home treadmill to stay fit and healthy. Have a little jog whenever you feel like that too without getting conscious of the strange eyes on you. You can visit Apollo Fitness to choose from a wide range of home treadmills that we have to offer and start your fitness journey today.


Resistance bands

resistance bands

If you are looking for a full body workout that too without burning a hole in your pocket then Apollo Fitness’s resistance band is just for you. It is light weight and portable so that you won’t have a tough time worrying about finding a place to keep it. You can try different positions and set the length as per your convenience. Be it a hard core workout or just a mild exercise, you can do it all that too at an affordable price.


Rubber hex dumbbells


If you are confused between rubber hex dumbbells and iron dumbbells then you are not the only one. They are also made of iron but the upper part is coated with a dense layer of protective rubber. These rubber hex dumbbells are great for homes as they tend to be quieter. You won’t have to stop yourself from having a high intensity workout as the rubber will do no harm to your floor.



If you are just embarking upon the fitness journey and want to go easy on yourself then Apollo Fitness Kettlebells is the right match. They are very easy to move around during the workout that too in a short span of time and can be stored easily. You get a number of options to choose from when it comes to the weight of the Kettlebells.


No matter what your fitness regime is or the intensity of the workout is, you will always find an apt equipment at Apollo Fitness. Get your workout started today and stay fit!

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