Best gym flooring surfaces for your home!

Gym Flooring Surfaces

You might have the best gym equipment, a dope playlist with just the perfect mirror for the post workout pic. However, if you don’t have proper gym flooring then all this is good for nothing. After all, the purpose is to workout, right?

If you have an empty space with just the concrete then it is not going to suffice for a home gym. This is so because the poor grip and lack of influence shock absorption can result in injuries from slips and falls and cause prolonged joint pain too. Concrete is just as challenging to your equipment, particularly if you drop weight. 

The correct home gym floor can upsurge steadiness, lessen body impact, and increase plyometric control. It will also help to keep your subfloor safe from scratches and cracks. When you opt for a gym flooring surface; consider the space, the type of equipment that you will want, and what exercises you’ll be doing. 

The experts from Apollo Fitness have compiled a list of gym flooring surface for you that you can consider:

  • Rubber fitness tiles

    Rubber fitness tiles are one of the most famous home gym flooring options available. They are tremendously sturdy and offer sufficient shock absorbency that is apt for any workout. It is easy to maintain and has quite a few benefits like sound insulation and non-slip safety. It is perfect for the toughest of training sessions. 

  • Vinyl

    Vinyl is a useful option for flooring because it can stand up to the standards of a home gym still is comfortable and fashionable for a living space. It is mild and moisture resilient that makes it seamless for underground rooms. Vinyl can even handle punitive cleaning chemicals to wipe up all your sweat and tears.

    The best thing is that it is long lasting and won’t take up a lot of time in terms of maintenance. You can also pick a design that won’t look too boring.

  • Puzzle Exercise Mat

    The interlocking mats are one of the most affordable options for home gym flooring as you can effortlessly arrange the tiles to match your needs or move them to a different location. It features half an inch thick separate foam tiles that come in packs to cover 24, 48, or 144 square feet. 

    You can use these foam tiles to create a gym floor to pad your joints as you squat, lunge, and more to get your heart beat up. The downside of the surfaced tiles is grip enough to stay put. However, high-intensity movements might result in some fluctuation of the meshed mats. The catch of these mats is that they can be simply moved to fit your workout needs. 

  • Artificial Turf

    Artificial turf is impeccable for athletes who want to upturn athletic performance with fewer chances of injury. This unique gym flooring surface lets you add pulls and pushes into your strength training while it provides optimum grip and resistance for runs and training. It doesn’t dent or crack and can be maintained easily. You can handle it with repetitive cleans and brushes. 

    If there is anything else that you would like to know about the gym flooring surface then feel free to connect with Apollo Fitness and the experts will assist you to the best of their knowledge.

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