Best in class floorings for your home gym!

Since we were locked up in our coops due to the global pandemic, the past few months have most definitely taught us what the actual value of a healthy lifestyle and fitness is. This realisation and reset have led many people to start investing in home gym flooring for all the right reasons. 


When we’re growing to put so much conscious effort into revamping our lives and homes, we should do it the ‘right way.’ We pay attention to all the conspicuous elements, but reading between the lines makes the deal make or break. 


Ask yourself: what’s worth all my high-end gym equipment with squeaky clean mirrors if my gym flooring doesn’t compliment them? We understand what harm a lack of knowledge of gym flooring can cause to your home gym investment and your body. 


Top gym flooring options


  • Puzzle Exercise Mat

    These puzzle mats are very common and a well-preferred type of gym flooring. Not only are these interlocking mats easily accessible, but they are also decently affordable home gym flooring. Since it is easy to manage, you can move around gym flooring manually to cater to your varying needs in different locations. 


    They consist of half-inch thick foam tiles, available in packs. This type of gym flooring is a pro at protecting your joints. It is well suited for cardio workouts like lunges, squats, jumping jacks, spot running, and others that get your heart racing.


  • Vinyl

    Vinyl home gym flooring is quite fashionable as well as durable. It is quite the beauty and also a beast at the same time. The biggest pro is moisture resilient, making it a great gym flooring option for basement gyms. 


    It can take well cleaning chemicals to wipe away sweat and stains. It is an excellent option for long-term investment. It is durable for high-intensity workouts, requires low maintenance, provides an excellent grip for your workout, and comes in stunning designs. 


  • Artificial Turf

    This home gym flooring option wins the race for the athletes who are here for some serious talk! If you want a killer workout that bathes you in sweat and a home gym flooring that supports your athletic motive, this gym flooring is the one for you. 


    The best part is that it aids in protecting your body by aiding in fewer floor-caused injuries.  This gym flooring keeps up well with strength training and offers a pleasing foot grip and decent running resistance. It is hard to damage and can be easily maintained and cleaned. 


  • Rubber fitness tiles

    This home gym flooring option is a very well-known one. Its popularity is backed up by its sturdiness and outstanding quality for shock absorption. No matter what workout you perform, be it cardio, weight training, or anything else, this gym flooring supports all of them. 

    On top of this, it is also easily maintainable and provides a non-slippery foot grip. This gym flooring can be installed without a second thought to back up your most monstrously powerful workout sessions and is sure to provide you with optimum comfort through them all. 


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