Best Treadmills for Sale: Browse brilliant savings in Ireland


Running has always been a popular way to keep fit, and it’s easy to see why; it’s
useful, and all you need is yourself, your running gear as well as a sturdy pair of
trainers. But going for a run when the weather is bad does not count as a great experience. So why not check out Apollo Fitness’s comprehensive range of
treadmills and make sure you keep on top of your cardio regimen in rain or

These machines are a brilliant home gym addition, which gives you the flexibility
to workout whenever you like. If you feel like tackling a challenging incline or
doing some high-intensity interval training, we’ve got options to suit your

Treadmills offer a swift-moving platform with a wide conveyor belt that’s driven
with an electric motor. We at Apollo Fitness offer a wide range of treadmills that
includes a manual treadmill, motorized treadmill, heavy-duty treadmill, etc. Thus
you have a wide variety to choose from and buy a treadmill that best suits your
needs. We have designed our home & commercial treadmills to accommodate all levels of runners, from beginners to skilled sportsperson. 

All our treadmills at Apollo Fitness are very easy to use. Three of our best
treadmills are described below, select your suitable treadmill model, and start
achieving your fitness goal now.

Curved Treadmill

No electricity is required. Powered by the user, the curved treadmill by SpeedFit
improves the users running form by forcing them to run correctly. This SpeedFit
machine is very efficient. Speed is adjusted by only running faster or slower.

Curved Treadmill

These curved treadmills are top-rated in CrossFit Affiliations, Personal Training
Studios, and some Leisure centres, Colleges, and Universities. They are one of a kind machine and points to the future of functional cardiovascular fitness

SHUA-T5412 Treadmill

The SHUA T5-5412 is a robust treadmill perfect for individuals of all skill levels. It features a stylish 5” LCD with pulse, time, distance, incline, calorie, and speed
tracking, and the ergonomic handlebars monitor pulse rate.


SHUA-T5412 Treadmill

This treadmill is foldable, making it the perfect addition to your home. The
running belt provides a soft surface for heavy-duty running, meaning less wear
and tear on joints.

Intenza 550 series

The Intenza 550 treadmill is defined by its attention to detail and is award-
winning for its fantastic running experience. This treadmill merges stunning
design with smart technology for entertainment & performance features that many exercisers want. 

Intenza 550 treadmill

The stunning design of our Intenza 550T Series blends artistic lines as well as the long-lasting beauty of aluminium elements with modern technology, creating a line of cardio products perfect for the 21st Century.

Training Benefits of a Home Treadmill

Turn your equipment into the ultimate workout experience with our advanced
line of Treadmills at Apollo Fitness. Enter a world of thrilling workouts to help you reach all your fitness goals.

So whether you are training for a marathon or starting your weight loss journey,
our treadmills offer you the support you need to accomplish your goals. Try to
take control of your training by following workout programmes designed by
certified personal trainers. These challenging workouts automatically adjust your
machine’s incline, decline & resistance.

Why Purchase A Home Treadmill from Apollo Fitness?

At Apollo Fitness, we source award-winning premium brands to offer you the best in-home fitness solutions that’ll help you succeed. We also provide friendly,
honest advice to help you to choose the best treadmill options for your
requirements taken into consideration your available space, budget, and fitness
level. Get in touch with us if you need help setting up your home gym or
commercial gym.

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