Know about home gym essentials from Apollo - Treadmills and Crosstrainers!

Know about home gym essentials from Apollo - Treadmills and Crosstrainers!

Cardio happens to be an essential part of everyone’s workout regime; therefore, it is a must that you have a top-notch treadmill and a Crosstrainer. This is going to ensure that your workout session starts on a good note. We have compiled a list of our top treadmills and crosstrainers that you can buy from our website at an affordable price.

Crosstrainers for your home gym


Crosstrainers are known to provide an entire body workout and increase the calories you burn. You can hold the handles, push and pull as you move your feet to have an effective arm workout. It works for your complete upper body, including your chest and shoulders. 


As you move the pedals with your feet, your lower body will get a great workout. To target the glutes, you can upsurge the resistance or introduce periods of pedaling in a backward motion. The cross trainer is a highly versatile machine, and you can tailor workouts to target particular muscle groups as and when the need arises.


You can also make some adjustments to your crosstrainer routine. It will help you tone your core, including the essential abdominal muscles. To work your abs more, just let go of the handles and occupy your core muscles. When you’re not holding on with your hands, you must use your abdominal muscles to maintain balance. This also provides you with a great core workout.


550ETe Series Elliptical Trainer


This treadmill has great durability. This sleek machine is more than capable of withstanding high-performance cardio workouts that will be advantageous to your core, coordination, and balance. 


It is highly user-friendly and lets you enjoy a smooth workout while having access to the smartphone and tablet connectivity on the 16” e Series colored touchscreen. 


The 3-Phase Generator and Belt Drive offers a sleek motion to the Elliptical pedals allowing to mimic natural body movements and helps to target the aging muscles.



Treadmills for home gym


The best part about a treadmill is its potential to help individuals lose weight quickly and that too efficiently. Treadmills help you to burn calories more quickly than some other aerobic exercise. The faster a person runs on the treadmill, the faster they will burn calories, and the easier it will be to lose weight for them.


Treadmill exercises provide an excellent cardiovascular exercise that can notably improve heart health. Treadmill workouts are a popular form of cardio exercise because of the ability to prolong a steady heart rate throughout the exercise. This can be specifically beneficial to individuals with heart issues or those who have high cholesterol.


Elliptical Trainers and Crosstrainers


Elliptical Trainers and Crosstrainers are among the most common types of cardio machines you can buy from Apollo Fitness. For the best offers, you can check out our collection. It provides effective cardio training and also aids in burning a high number of calories.


These trainers help to simulate natural walking or running motion that will assist in boosting your cardio fitness. It is all based on the intensity of the workout. They have been around for a long time and have been popular as it offers a combination of running and cycling movements.


Get Treadmills, Crosstrainers and Home Gym Equipment from Apollo Fitness


Apollo Fitness is one of the largest suppliers of home gym equipment across Ireland and the UK. We have Treadmills, Crosstrainers, and all other Home Gym Equipment you’ll ever need.


Further, if there is any assistance you require related to Treadmills, Crosstrainers, and Home Gyms, all you need to do is get in touch with us and help you out in the best way possible.

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