Looking for the best weight benches – Strength Equipment? Read on…

Looking for the best weight benches – Strength Equipment? Read on…

Imagine a good workout session, and you’ll probably visualize a great sweaty cardio session with weight benches or strength equipment. Undeniably, cardiovascular workouts have their importance in adding to our overall health and fitness levels. 

However, we can’t ignore the necessity of adding strength and weight training to our exercise regime. Weight training bridges the gap between our present and ideal body by channelling our efforts and sweat in the right direction. 

Weight training acts upon every targeted muscle group in your body, thereby adding definition to them, along with strengthening and toning. While you can use several gym equipment for weight and strength training, weight benches are most commonly found and used of all. 

Weight benches are boards with padding that are used to sit or lay down. They allow free flow movement of the body while exercising. They help in lifting weights safely by eliminating the risk of injuries induced by exercising. 

They are a necessity and not an accessory because they are sturdy and can easily support heavyweights. As beginners, wrapping our heads around the different weight benches can be quite confusing, and Apollo Fitness understands that. To brush up on your knowledge about weight benches, read ahead!

Types of weight benches

  • Ab Bench
  • This type of weight bench is pretty self-explanatory in its name. It is the type of weight bench you can use to assist you during your various ab workouts. It targets your abdominal muscles to help you achieve those six-pack abs you have always dreamed of having. 

    It comes with comfortable padding that helps by gripping your feet for more stability. This, in turn, aids in targeting your abdominal muscle with more precision. Overall helps your body form while exercising. You can play with this weight bench by using it for performing crunches, sit-ups, twists, leg raises, and much more. 

    1. Adjustable Bench

    This category of weight bench is quite versatile. It is a modified version of a flat bench, which helps you lie flat on its top. However, it is far more helpful than a flat bench since it not only caters to your need for a flat bench position. 

    You can also modify it to an incline or decline bench position based on the need for your workout. It is usually used to perform bench press workouts, which target your chest and biceps muscles. 

  • Olympic Bench
  • An Olympic bench is a weight bench that is slightly grander, as its name might be hinting. They are bigger in size than regular weight benches and are more padded. 

    They, in general, are more durable due to their manufacturing material and are designed in particular to cater to heavier weights and lifters. It is preferable if you are lifting comparatively heavier weights and need to perform more complex workouts. 

  • Preacher Curl Bench
  • Preacher curl bench, also commonly known as a curling bench, is a seat with a section in the front that is padded. The lifter uses this padded section to place their arm over. 

    The most common exercise you can perform with it is bicep curls. This bench allows proper form while lifting heavy weights and provides more stability while ensuring your comfort. If you want to sculpt drool-worthy biceps, this weight bench is your go-to option! 

    By now, you would’ve understood the different types of weight benches available in the market, and what target muscles and workouts they are used for. 

    You would have also realized the importance of weight benches in weight training. For further assistance, feel free to get in contact with Apollo Fitness. Let’s get lifting now, shall we?

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