The Best Exercise Bikes You’ll Actually Want to Ride

The Best Exercise Bikes You’ll Actually Want to Ride

Having a personal space for working at home is now more of a necessity and less luxury. Having go-to gym equipment in your own at-home workout space gives you more freedom to train precisely when and how you want.

If that training includes studio-style & cardio classes, an exercise bike is an essential piece of equipment you should consider adding to your setup. But how to choose the best one for yourself? Apollo Fitness can help you set up the best home gym.

An exercise bike is one of the essential pieces for any home gym. Many different kinds of bikes are available for you at Apollo Fitness, such as spin bikes, cycling trainers, air bikes, and more.

However, knowing which bikes are worth investing in can be a tough decision for you. But don’t worry, to help you choose the best exercise bike for your home gym, we have summed up 13 of the top exercise bikes that will fit your budget levels. From the super high-end Body Tone Air bike ZROB PRO to the budget-friendly options at Apollo Fitness, we try to cover all the budget bases. Read on to pick the best bike for your wants and needs. 

  • Body Tone Air bike ZROB PRO
  • The Body Tone Air bike ZROB PRO is a bike explicitly created for cardio training, one of its most frequent uses being high-intensity interval training (HIIT type training). Through the movement of the arms and pedaling jointly, it allows working the resistance globally. Thus, Air Bike is ideal for a cardiovascular workout as you can make both the pedaling and the movement of the arms without impacting your joints, whatever is the athlete’s physical condition.

    ZROB PRO Air bikes do not require electricity; it eliminates the cables and substantially reduce power consumption. Instead, it operates on air resistance. The greater force you use, the more resistance it will offer you. 

    Because of its individualized adjustments, it automatically adapts to the specific needs of each user. It has unlimited possibilities. You can measure the time and distance you want to reach, maintain a smooth rhythm that stabilizes your heart rate, or even jump instantly to a session of high-intensity Tabata interval. As two athletes are not equal, the possibilities of training and customization are endless. 

  • Body Tone Upright Bike with touchscreen EVOU1+
  • The upright Body Tone Upright Bike with touchscreen EVOU1+ exercise bike is the ideal cardio equipment for your home gym. It is a low-impact bike suitable for cardiovascular training and recreating high-level workouts in your home gym.

    It also has some great functions like an extra-wide platform pedal with adjustable strap attachment, a heart rate monitor integrated, 20 intensity points, Wi-Fi, HDMI, AV, Ethernet and USB connectivity, and more.

    Want to Ride Some Amazing Exercise Bike? Contact Apollo Fitness Now!

    For most of the home gyms, exercise bikes are popular equipment. So, when you search for the best exercise bike for yourself, be sure to consider the price, type of bike, resistance levels, and whether it has any additional features or not.

    A wide range good quality exercise bikes is available at Apollo Fitness, each of which offers a unique set of features. So, contact us now?

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