The Best Pieces of Gym Equipment for Your Home Gym for 2020

The Best Pieces of Gym Equipment for Your Home Gym for 2020

One thing that lockdown has taught us is the importance of staying indoors no matter how urgent it gets to out. In such a challenging time, it gets tough to take care of your health but every lock comes with a key.

You can install gym equipments at your home and start the workout without a delay. The experts at Apollo Fitness have curated a list of top gym equipments that you can buy to embark upon your fitness journey.

  • JTX Freedom air folding rowing machine

    It comes with an air resistance with 16 levels of electromagnetic resistance which surely gives it an edge over the other models. It comes with a range of guided fitness programmes that maximises the cardio and strength training to a great extent. 

    It also has a chest strap to monitor the heart rate for interval programmes and you can also have a workout session keeping the BPM target in mind. 

    It also has detailed metrics like revolutions and power as well as split times. The more considerable build gives a sense of security while punting at full speed. The best part is that it is foldable so it won’t take up a lot of space too which makes it a perfect gym equipment for home.

  • Home treadmill

    We can always go for an alternative and get a home treadmill when we can’t make it to the indoors. It doesn’t only help with the weight loss but it also helps in an improved mental health and enhanced tractability. This one time venture is going to help you in not just one but several other ways. Bid farewell to those expensive gym memberships and get a home treadmill to stay fit and healthy. You can navigate to the website of Apollo Fitness to select from a wide range of home treadmills that we have to offer and start your fitness journey without a delay.

  • Schwinn indoor cycle

    This indoor cycle is very easy to assemble and doesn’t even take up a lot of space. The flywheel makes no noise and is remarkably smooth. It uses magnetic resistance to level up from 1-100 on the bike’s computer which makes it easy to play around with to find the level that you need.

    The handlebars are ergonomic and comfortable and not only this, the saddle makes sure that you don’t feel the pressure at unwanted places.

    It comes with a small digital screen to record the basic metrics and you can also connect it to app via Bluetooth.

    Squat racks- The Rogue HR-2 Half Rack

    This is like the model SML-2 but only better. It comes with an extra two uprights which has storage space for the plates. Even though a power rack is recommended by the experts because of the safety overview, a half rack is a brilliant choice if you feel like training in an open area. You can put in some spotter arms and try out different lifts. It also has some great reviews and we believe them all. It can fit anywhere easily and does not need to be bolted down. It has a great steadiness and has different features that you find in posh racks. 

    These are some of the best gym equipments that you can consider for your home gym and you won’t be disappointed for sure.

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