Weight Plates for Sale in Ireland

Weight Plates for Sale in Ireland

Want to up your fitness game and take your weight training a level up? You can easily do that by adding some weight plates or adjustable dumbbells (preferably rubber hex dumbbells) to your home gym equipment. If your gym is set up already, avoid spending too much money and go for weight plates instead of the complete set.

Weight Plates

Weight Plates

Weight Lifting and Weight & Strength Training are one of the most common exercises that most people do to strengthen the muscle group or to get a muscular body.

There are various types of Weight Lifting Equipment used in Weight Training Exercises such as Iron Dumbbells, Rubber Dumbbells, Plastic Dumbbells, Adjustable Iron Dumbbells, Dumbbell Sets, Dumbbell Rods, Barbell Set, Rubber Weight Plates, Iron Weight Plates, Weight Lifting Rods, Weight Lifting Belts, and Kettlebells.

Rubber Dumbbells

Weight lifting is the way to go to get fit and healthy. With very little investment, you can get Weight Lifting Equipment that comes with different sizes and weights. Anyone can achieve an attractive body and shape by using weight Training Equipment. And if you are into sports, weight lifting and virtually weight plates will increase your performance level for many sports like track and field, football, basketball, shot put, discus throw, javelin, and many more.

Weight training is the best form of exercise to tone your muscles and lose excess weight, and weight plates are one of the commonly used equipment for weight training exercises. You can work out in your home gym with the help of gym weight plates that are reasonable in price. Add weight plates in your regular exercise regime & increase the intensity of your workout.

Benefits of exercising with the weight plates:

Competition Weight Plates

  • Weight training breaks muscles even when you’re not exactly working out. This way, you’re losing fat even when you’re sitting idle.
  • They are useful for the entire body as you can use them to work on different muscle groups.
  • It helps you to improve your balance & control.

Features of our weight plates are:

  • Durability: Our cast iron weight comes with an ultra-durable rubber coating.


  • Impact Protection: The rubber coating on our weight plates protects your flooring and reduces noise.


  • Ergonomic grip: Ergonomic handles of our weight plates make gripping the disc easier.


  • Versatility: Our ergonomic handles turn the weight disc into a dumbbell allowing you to do more exercises.

We have a wide variety of gym plates available in different sizes and weights, explore now!

Why Apollo Fitness Dumbbells & Weight Plates?

Apollo Fitness is the most popular brand in and across Dublin, Ireland, that offers a wide range of Fitness Equipment & Accessories. At Apollo Fitness, we have a vast collection of Weight Lifting / Weight Training / Strength Training Equipment, including Weight Plates, Iron Dumbbells, Rubber Hex Dumbbells, Plastic Dumbbells, Weight Lifting Belts, Rubber Weight Plates, bumper plates, and Weight Lifting Rods. These products are available in a multitude of weights and sizes.

We at Apollo Fitness only offer products of high quality, performance, and durability and that too at affordable prices. Also, ours is one of the oldest and most reliable online shopping destinations to buy Weight Lifting, Weight Training, and Strength Training Equipment online at highly discounted prices in Ireland.

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