Why You Should Invest in a Home Treadmill

Why You Should Invest in a Home Treadmill


With many more people becoming invested in their health and with limited gyms due to Covid-19, the demand for home cardio equipment such as treadmills is rising. Thinking about taking your gym to the comfort of your own home? Why not start by investing in a home use treadmill from Apollo.


Amongst many other forms of cardio, running and walking are up there with the best ways to stay active and moderate your health levels. As we are heading into the winter months, it is evident that your daily run or walk will be accompanied by either rain or frost and this sounds far from enjoyable. Both personal and fitness goals such as marathon training or weight loss may become significantly harder to reach when the weather is not on your side however, investing in a treadmill from our comprehensive range at Apollo will help in making sure you keep on top of your cardio game come rain or shine! As well as reducing impact on joints and providing a soft surface to run on, treadmills are a great addition to any home, providing you with the flexibility of working out whenever you feel like tackling a challenging incline or engaging in a high intensity interval race program.


Why Invest in a Home Treadmill?


There are multiple benefits that are partnered with running including heart health, improved mental well-being, weight loss, muscle building and improved joint flexibility. Now think of having a treadmill in your own home, expect increased privacy, comfort and a feeling of safety with no need of heading to a gym or running strenuously on outdoor pavements. Saving time is a huge factor associated with investing in a home treadmill, no more long journeys to an overcrowded gym where equipment is scarce and time slots are limited. Less time spent travelling to and from training means more time for you and your family! Trying to cut back on long-term costs? Investing in a home treadmill will mean no more monthly or yearly gym fees that often crawl up on us unexpectedly. On average, a home use treadmill will last up to 10 years with the correct maintenance and we see this as a huge investment in your health. More often than not, a gym environment can make our workouts feel more like a chore than anything, resulting in decreased motivation and less time spent training. With a home treadmill you can set up your workout room to suit your needs and to maximise your cardio session.


More and more individuals are investing in home treadmills and the market has become saturated, making it harder to choose the best one for you. That’s where we come in, Apollo have selected high quality, robust treadmills that exceed in design, performance, durability and price. Investing in a reliable treadmill from Apollo will benefit you in the long run as we stock machines which are effortless to maintain, minimising your maintenance expenses.



Our Dynamic Range of Home Treadmills

Shua Sh-T5100A

The Shua Sh-T5100A is our top pick for home use at Apollo. This foldable treadmill features a five layer HDF (High Density Fibreboard) running deck with an antiskid layer, antistatic and shock absorption cushions helping you to spring back and reduce noise whilst running. Providing six bumper posts for shock absorption means less wear and tear to your joints, making for a more enjoyable workout. Functioning on a touch operation, white LED display and touch bar, creates a clear and readable presentation of exercise data. Keep yourself entertained while you run with this treadmill’s Hi-Fi double channel speaker, the perfect addition to your home workouts. Reach up to 16km in near silence with the low power motor design. Maintenance expenses run low for the Shua T5100A making it the perfect, low cost treadmill for your home. Coming October 2020.


Top Features:

  • 6” LED display
  • Touch Operation
  • Hi-Fi Double Speaker
  • 500mm Running Belt
  • Flexible Foot Running Deck (5 layer)
  • 5 – 16km Speed Reach

 SHUA T5100A

Shua Sh-T5412

The Shua Sh-T5412 is a robust home use treadmill perfect for individuals of all skill levels. Easy to move and to fold, the Shua T5412 treadmill has a space saving design, ideal for any home. Featuring a 4 hexatile shock absorption design with a 5 layer running belt, helps to minimise noise and provide protection to knee and hip joints. The powerful motor allows users to reach up to 16km whilst operating on a low power consumption and self-cooling fan. Workout in comfort as this treadmill’s ergonomic handle bars measures pulse rate that is clearly displayed on the 5” LCD display. Control your workout with this treadmill’s adjustable incline, reaching up to 12% for alternative running modes. Coming October 2020.


Top Features:

  • 5” LCD Display
  • Handle Pulse Rate
  • 0-12% Incline
  • HD Speaker
  • 5 Layer Running Belt
  • Shock Absorption Design

 SHUA T5412

Bodytone T4 Treadmill

The Bodytone EVOT4 treadmill is a suitable addition for any home, fitness club or commercial facility. With an attractive and elegant structure, the EVOT4 semi-pro treadmill is designed for runners as the built in React technology deck reduces joint stress by cushioning the impact of each stride. To provide stability and comfort whilst running, the EVOT4 treadmill belt is made from heavy, grippy material. Running is made easier with this Bodytone treadmill as the LED display is partnered with a Bluetooth MP3 connection, making your cardio session that little bit easier. Control your workout with 10 predefined programmes and 7 functions monitored with built-in heart rate sensors. Track your weight and measure the degree of dehydration in long-term races with the EVOT4. Reaching up to 20km, this sleek, attractive treadmill brings the best running experience right to your home.


 Top Features:

  • Weight Measurement
  • 0-15% Incline
  • REACT Cushioning Technology
  • LED Display & Table Holder
  • Bluetooth MP3 Connection & Hi Definition Speakers
  • Built in Heart Rate Sensors

Bodytone EVOT4

Looking to invest in a home treadmill? Look no further than Apollo Fitness. We will help guide you in choosing the best treadmill for your home. Contact our team today for a quote at info@apollofitness.ie or visit our website www.apollofitness.ie.




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