Your complete guide to home gym flooring

Home Gym Flooring

If there is anything that the year 2020 has made us realize, the standard answer for all of us without a second thought would be- the importance of good health. As we are surfing on the waves of a global pandemic and health crisis, it continues to become clearer everyday that the real wealth is health. The key to good health is simple- good diet and frequent workout. 

Now you might question- workout in lockdowns, how? The greatest qualities of humans are adaptability and creativity, which set us apart from other life forms. So, when all of us were locked away in our homes, forbidden to even go to the park for a walk and everything shifted from ‘offline’ to ‘online’, the culture and concept of home gyms gained popularity in widespread. 

While everything in a home gym is personalized to cater to your needs and home specifically, we often forget to pay attention to a very important aspect of a home gym- its gym flooring. 

Here are a few types of prevalent flooring options you can consider which will help you to find the perfect gym flooring from Apollo Fitness-  

  • Concrete 
  • It is one of the most common and economical options available in the market. It is very efficient as it is the least susceptible to wear and tear due to frequent usage and is fairly durable. It will however demand an upgrade of anti-skid paint or coating to decrease the risk of slipping on it. It is a non-negotiable, considering the injuries caused on concrete floors can be very severe. It is not sound absorbing so it can cause echoes, and generates more dust than other types of floorings. 

    1. Carpet 

    It is a less chosen flooring option as it isn’t comparatively as practical or durable as other options available. It is vulnerable to water and sweat damage due to its texture and also absorbs odours. It wears out rather quickly, too. However, it offers a great deal of traction and stability. It is suitable for all types of workouts, especially for floor workouts. It is available in many designs and colours and gives a ‘royal’ look. It is a great option for home gyms. 


    2. Wood

    It looks essentially very graceful by the looks of it. It is very durable for most of workouts and additionally, it is also the go-to flooring for activities like dancing, kickboxing, HIIT workouts, zumba, etc. However, it is slightly costlier than other options available. It is also easily damaged by water and dropping of heavy weights so you need to go easy. The traction it offers isn’t very preferred either.


    3. Cork 

    It is a ‘green’ substitute to your flooring needs. It is fully biodegradable, thereby making it eco-friendly. It looks decent, is inexpensive and also offers a great deal of traction. However, it is extremely vulnerable to wear and tear damage as well as water damage that make it the less ideal choice to go to. 

  • Rubber 
  • This is the most common solution to most of your flooring concerns. Not only is it highly durable, but it is also very adaptive to most kinds of workouts. It offers great traction, is resistant to water damage, doesn’t absorb odour and won’t absorb dirt or moisture. The only downside is that it is fairly expensive, but if it falls under your budget, all its benefits definitely override this constraint. 


  • Foam 
  • For the people who don’t want to make an investment in rubber flooring, a great alternate is foam tile flooring. It is inexpensive, offers good cushioning and comfort, is not damaged by water and doesn’t absorb odour. However, it is not as durable and is exposed to compression under bulky weights.  

    These are some of the best gym flooring options that you can consider for your home gym. Remember that the gym flooring you choose depends upon a number of factors. They are the frequency of its usage; type of workouts intended to be done, size of the gym vicinity, your budget and other factors tailored to your preferences. 

    Therefore, it is not necessary that one shoe fits all. That is exactly why you must take the above information into consideration from the experts of Apollo Fitness. Good floorings lead to happy workouts!

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