Your guide to buying a treadmill!

Your guide to buying a treadmill!

Buying a treadmill could be quite a task, but it gets easier for you when you know what to consider before buying it. You are in luck as the experts at Apollo Fitness have curated a list of the top factors that you must consider before buying a treadmill.

Top factors to consider while buying a Treadmill:

  • Size of the treadmill

  • Most of the treadmills have a similar footprint that is 77 inches long and 35 inches wide. However, a folding treadmill is half of the length when it is stored. Therefore, you will need ample space around the treadmill for your safety and access.

  • The ergonomic factor

  • If you are a runner, you will require a deck length that can accommodate your stride. It would be best if you considered how comfortable you are while walking or running. Pick a model that suits you both aesthetically and ergonomically.

  • Additional features of the treadmill

  • Apart from the basic features of a treadmill, you should also consider additional features. They include a USB port, docks for phones, wireless internet connection, amongst other standard features.

  • The adjustability of the treadmill

  • Most treadmills have a top speed of 12 mph, so some are bound to go faster. They usually incline between a percent grade of 10-15, and some also offer an increased gradient.

    Consider these as well:

    Once you have made a list of the treadmills, there are a few things that you can consider before picking one. They are:

  • Weight and assembly

  • Treadmills are heavy, so always ask about the delivery option beforehand. Also, see whether the assembly of the treadmill is included or available at an extra cost.

  • Warranty

  • When we talk about the warranty, you should always look for three to eight years of coverage on the parts and at least 1 year on labor. Most treadmills come with a lifetime warranty on the frame, and you should get that for the motor too.


    • Return policy

      Always check with the store what their return policy is. Even if they are ready to take the treadmill back, you might be required to pay some amount to the store to retrieve it as well as restock it. If you are buying it online, check how the return shipping is handled.

      Now that you know about the things to keep in mind before purchasing the treadmill, you must also be aware of your options. Motorized treadmills are based on a specific fundamental design premise. It is a moving belt that is powered by an electric motor. 

      As treadmills come in a range of prices, with varying features and designs, the experts at Apollo Fitness have subdivided them here according to whether or not you can fold them.

      The experts at Apollo Fitness have curated a list of types of treadmills - Consider for your next purchase:

    1. Budget folding treadmills

    2. These models have a shorter running belt which is sufficient for walkers. They consist of a display for time, speed, distance, calories burned, and a shelf with water-bottle holders. These models usually do not include a Chest Strap Heart Rate Monitor or heart rate control programs.

    3. Non-folding treadmills

    4. These treadmills have a sturdier deck and frame, a longer running belt, and a larger running surface.

      These are the best choice for frequent runners and are constructed of heavier materials. It usually has an integrated heart rate control program, higher max speeds, and steeper max inclines. In addition, they are rated for bulkier people and come with the longest warranties.

      Treadmills are the best: Buy them from Apollo Fitness and stay fit

      It would help if you always kept in mind that a treadmill is like taking the first step towards your fitness journey. So keep the factors mentioned above in mind and see what features are essential for you before making the final call. 

      Apart from that, Apollo Fitness has the best treadmill collection in all of Ireland; visit us and try some of them, we’re sure you’ll find your match.

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