Aim & Design

Setanta College, an internationally renowned centre of excellence in strength & conditioning and athletic development chose Apollo Fitness for their upgrade in early 2020. Apollo designed the gym with a modern and simplistic approach whilst providing a full installation of high impact flooring, a Gym AstroTurf Speed Track, Modular Rack Systems and conditioning equipment. The density and thickness of the gym flooring was chosen to suit the level of training at Setanta College. 

In order to stay in uniform with the college’s colours, Apollo installed black sprayed racks rubber hex dumbbells, bumper plates and kettlebells. The full colour scheme created an airy and aesthetically pleasing space. Apollo also installed a range of premium level cardio equipment including Concept 2 Rowers, Ski Ergs and Air Bikes. Overall, the team at Apollo Fitness fulfilled the requirements of both coaches and students at Setanta College.

       Equipment Installed at Setanta College