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Explore the full range of Xebex 

Why Xebex?

  • Designed with performance in mind

  • Durable and user friendlyly 

  • Recognised in crossfit affiliations and performance institutions worldwide

  • Rated #1 crosstraining HIIT brand 


Performance and technology 

To keep up with the massive demand for rowers, bikes and various other performanced machines, we have teamed up with the globally recognised brand- Xebex.


Xebex have nearly 3 decades of experience in designing and manufacturing performanced based products and are currently rated #1 as the crossfit HIIT training brand. The machines combine comfort, durability and precison to create a range of machines that are user-friendly, accurate and asthetically pleasing. 

XEBEX is a first class brand in fitness who designs its products in the USA and manufactures in Taiwan for over 30 years. They design and manufacture top of the line Air Rowers, Air Bikes, Ski Trainers, Non-Motorized Treadmills, and more. XEBEX products are recognized by their extreme robust quality, heavy and durable material to withstand the extreme workouts on it.

Xebex Air Bike 

  • Robust 

  • Performance based design 

  • Tracks distance, speed, pace,

    calories burned, watts, and HR

  • Available for purchase through Flexifi 

Deliveries commence in April!

Presale starts now!