Bodytone EVOT3-TS

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Equip your gym with Bodytone treadmills, a safe bet. Lcd screen where you can measure all your training in detail.  Unparalleled running experience. The robustness of the Bodytone treadmills brings a plus of security to your cardio workouts.

The EVOT3, incorporates quick access keys on its arms that will make it easier for you to regulate your running training, without having to touch the screen. Greater security and comfort for the user.

Our EVOT – TS professional treadmill is a robust and reliable treadmill with a 60 cm wide running surface, allowing you to run whatever the intensity and duration of your workouts. In addition, it connects to Polar devices for heart rate recording.

Also includes 21″ HD touch screen with customizable workout programs, Android OS, internet, multimedia, apps, bluetooth, USB and headset jack.

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