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Apollo Fitness

Prone leg curl


This Apollo prone leg curl provides users with a means of isolating hamstrings in a controlled manner. The prone machine is usually more popular than the traditional seated machine as the user cannot use momentum from the upper body while performing the movement which ensures more isolation on the hamstrings.

This machine is made from durable black steel tubing, the seats and padding are all black and made of synthetic leather upholstery with comfortable ergonomic handles. The leg pads allow the user to adjust the machine to their ideal optimum position. 


Finance options are available for this machine. Contact us for a quote.


Dimension: 1520:*1420*1630mm

Wire rope- Steel cable: aviation high strength steel wire rope with a diameter of 5.6mm

Color: Black

Muscle Trained: Hamstrings and glutes. 

Weight plates: 90kgs