Transform your Garage into a Home Gym

Transform your Garage into a Home Gym

It has been a battle for all fitness lovers over the past few months; questioning if going back to the gym is really worth it. Maybe you’ve got a taste for working out at home and are not prepared to face the on-going Covid-19 measures set in place. For some, the fun has been taken out of training sessions with limited time slots and equipment availability. Let’s face it, the gym can already be more hassle than its worth even prior to recent restrictions, with ruthless equipment hoggers and distracting grunters. However, we have a solution and its one that many have dreamed about to this day.. Let’s talk Garage Gyms!


Benefits of Setting Up a Garage Gym

Right now, you may view your garage as another storage space for things you don’t need but really really don’t want to get rid of! Maybe its time to move the junk and design your own, personal training haven.. Garages are great for creating ideal weight training or cardio spaces as the heavy duty flooring can withstand extreme weight loads and drops when you finally hit your PB. If going to the gym is what you love then that’s great, it’s about keeping healthy and active that counts however, we have some garage gym benefits to share with you!


  1. Efficiency – This is our number one benefit when it comes down to garage gyms and we are all about making your training as efficient as possible. Most people operate on a busy schedule and its difficult to allocate time to prepare for and head to the gym. Packing your bag, driving to the gym, waiting for equipment and using the shower take up more time than we think. With a garage gym you can ultimately eliminate these aspects and invest more time into your actual training, who would’ve thought! Your design and your equipment, a garage gym is personalised just for you so there is nothing holding you back from training how you want and when you want.


  1. Flexibility – Lately, it can be a hassle to get your hands on a gym time which suits your daily schedule. Maybe the early morning slots are booked up and you’re not a particular fan of late night training sessions, full of tired and impatient gym goers. Having your own garage or home gym provides you with the convenience and flexibility of working out whenever you feel like!


  1. Your Space, Your Equipment – More often than not, commercial gym equipment can be on its way out and this can definitely interrupt our training sessions. Using a tricep rope that has seen better days or offloading stubborn, worn out plates is definitely not how we should be spending our limited time slots. Choose your own equipment suited to your style of training and create a space that meets your specifications whether it be Crossfit or Powerlifting.


  1. You Make The Rules! – Many commercial gyms implement a series of rules, some which regard your safety and others that are completely ridiculous. These rules can often kill our mojo, impact our performance and make us feel slightly restrained, all in an environment which is created for escapism and growth both mentally and physically. With a home or garage gym you will not be followed by obnoxious signs screaming “No Lifting Chalk Allowed” or “Don’t Drop Your Weights”, it’s your gym so you make the rules!




These are our top four benefits of setting up your own garage gym however, saving money on monthly or annual gym bills and improving overall mental focus towards your training are equally as great! Now that we’ve talked benefits its time to think about what exactly you should include in your home gym. With so much equipment to choose from it can often be hard to pinpoint exactly what you need. To tackle this, we have put together a list of essentials that will help kick start your personalised home gym.


Garage Gym Top Picks

Rigs & Racks

It goes without saying that rigs and racks are key foundations in starting up any weight oriented garage gym. Racks are multi-functional pieces of equipment that can be used for bench press, squats, step ups, pull ups and dips, when accompanied by the correct attachments. No spotter? No problem! With racks you can squat without worrying about losing grip of the barbell or dropping it at the point of failure. The Apollo Safety Arms are designed to fit precisely into all of our racks for this reason in particular.

Our Foldable Racks have been a huge hit amongst many home gym buyers as they are the perfect space saving design, fold along the bracket and create optimal use of your workspace. Your workouts will not be limited with Foldable Racks as they feature a semi adjustable pull up bar and hole spacing for a variety of Apollo accessories.

If you’re new to weight training or don’t intend on lifting extremely heavy, Quarter Racks would be an appropriate option for your garage gym set up. However, Elite Modular Power Racks or Wall Mounted Rigs would be best suited towards advanced lifters who are looking to tackle some heavy weight.



Buying weight plates can often be slightly mind boggling as there are so many to choose from. If your garage gym is only beginning, a set of weight plates and dumbbells would be the perfect startup choice. Also, don’t forget your Barbell!

Bumper Plates – are rubber lifting plates which are designed to absorb impact when dropped. This protects the plate, barbell and the underlying floor especially when performing exercises such as deadlifts.

Our Garage Gym Bumper Plates, arriving Mid-October and our Apollo Bumper Plates are a key element to any start-up garage gym. The plate is designed to reduce vibrations and noise during heavy training sessions. Available in increments of 5kg, these are the perfect starter bumper plates for your garage gym.

Looking to lift some heavy weight at your garage gym? Our Competition styled bumper plates are ideal if you want to drop your bar when performing weightlifting moves. The steel disc insert absorbs impact and creates an overall sturdy plate. Available in 10kg – 25kg sets, these plates are easily colour coded.

Dumbbells – are a staple choice for any garage gym due to their versatility and longevity. If you’re looking at just getting started at weight training, dumbbells are the perfect way to get on track.

Our Rubber Hex Dumbbells are a popular choice amongst Apollo customers due to their anti slip grip and anti roll design. Made from a durable rubber finish, these Hex Dumbbells are a perfect investment for any garage gym.




Bringing a bench into your garage gym gives you the space to do a greater combination of exercises such as bench press, fly, curl and even Bulgarian split squats. At Apollo we stock both flat and adjustable benches.

Flat Bench – is suitable for heavy bench presses, tricep dips and core work exercises as the foam padding and synthetic leather makes for extreme durability. This lightweight bench allows for easy transportation across your gym floor.

Adjustable Bench – allows you to effectively target specific areas whilst training at a variety of angles. Our PT and Elite Adjustable Weight Benches can be used for flat, incline or decline work and are built to last the test of time.



Storing your weight plates and accessories is beneficial for making your garage gym look clean and to protect equipment from scrapes or knocks. Maybe you have a small space and are looking to mount equipment to the wall or simply rack dumbbells or med balls. There are many storage options for garage gyms, you just need to pinpoint exactly what you need to store.

Many of our storage solutions are simple but smart, including our Wall Mounted Plate Storage which conveniently stores a full set of plates whilst creating an aesthetically pleasing feature piece in your garage gym.

An undeniable choice for your garage gym is dumbbell or kettlebell storage which will protect both you and your weights! No more trips and falls with our Two Tier Dumbbell Rack or Three Tier Kettlebell Shelf.

Our Multi-Use Hanger is a stylish and innovative solution that allows you to store a little bit of everything from barbells to exercise bands. It is exactly what you need to keep things tidy in your garage gym.



Performance Accessories

Completing your garage gym with accessories and performance tools will allow you to maximise daily training and make the most out of your investment.

With our Apollo branded PVC Anti-Slip Workout mats you won’t want to skip stretching or core workouts. Easily store these mats on the wall to clear up space for alternative workout exercises.

Powerbands may not look like they could change your training but they are a must have item in every gym. Not only are powerbands inexpensive but they can significantly change how you train from boosting flexibility, strength, balance and coordination. Ranging in thickness and colour, our Apollo Power Bands are just as important as any rack or bench!

Include step ups, box jumps and slams in your garage gym workouts with our Soft 3in1 Plyo Box which includes 20 inch, 24 inch and 30 inch sides. Build your conditioning game and add a plyo box to your garage gym.




With garage gyms becoming increasingly popular over the last few months it can be difficult to get your hands on reliable equipment which will suit your style of training. Team Apollo are here to help you decide on an design and to provide equipment solutions. Contact us today at for a quote on that garage gym you’ve always dreamed about.

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