Things you must know before the Battle Ropes workout!

Things you must know before the Battle Ropes workout!

If you want to indulge in a full body workout then there could be nothing better than the battle ropes workout. They have been in limelight for quite some time now and could be easily found in any gym too. Don’t underestimate the power of these ropes, working out with them will help you reach your goal effectively.

Apart from providing an immense level of strength and a fueled weight loss, the battle ropes are known to provide an intense overall cardio workout and they are also perfect for the Tabata training.

If you don’t wish to hit the gym then there is nothing to worry about it as you can easily buy them from Apollo Fitness and set up outside. The ropes are available in different lengths so you can get them as per the availability of the space and experience.

Top 5 tips for your next battle rope session

Battle Ropes Workout

Everything works in a much better way when you know the correct strategy. Therefore, the experts at Apollo Fitness have curated a list of tips that you can consider for your next battle rope workout session and get maximum results.

Work on the Grip

If you don’t hold the ropes properly then you will probably end up hurting yourself and give up on the workout too soon. The best way to attain the grip is by placing your hands and fingers on the handle. Make sure that the thumb is off the handle and your hands are facing each other. 

This will help you to flick the wrist in a better way which is not possible while you just hold the handle. People usually hold the handle right at the end which is not suggested as you won’t be able to flick the wrist. Ultimately, your palms will get sweaty and the ropes will slip so have a proper grip to keep going.

Get the right posture

Make sure that you stand with your feet a tad but wider than the width of the shoulders. Bend a little forward using your hips and knees while your back is straight and chest is aimed in a forward direction. Don’t just stand straight as it is not suggested.

Understand the ropes

As suggested by the experts at Apollo Fitness, it is always a better idea to get an idea of the ropes before you start working out. See if the ropes are of the correct thickness and length or not. Is the wave able to reach the anchor point? If it doesn’t then it means that the rope is either too thick or long, or could be both too.

Don’t tug but flick

You have to throw the ropes with force in and upward and away motion by flicking your wrist rapidly in order to elevate and lower the ropes while using an altering hand motion. The experts at Apollo Fitness have observed that people end up tugging the ropes towards themselves which can result in a shoulder injury and poor form.

Don’t incline 

You might not even notice when you slowly end up closer to the anchor point as your battle rope session progresses. It ends up putting too much slack in the ropes and makes it tougher to produce a smooth wave and keep the right form. To make it easier, you can mark a point on the floor with a chalk or tape and try not to move from there.

We hope that these tips from Apollo Fitness will surely help you in a better battle ropes session next time!

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