Aim & Design

i3PT is a top competitor in the construction industry, providing a number of service offerings. The construction company were looking to create a state of the art fitness facility for their employees. Overall, the main aim of this project was to create a custom i3PT full fit out gym, so Apollo created a design and layout that would best suit the company and their employees.

Equipment & Outcome

We took into consideration that the gym would have to be suitable for all training types, so we chose the best strength and conditioning equipment for the installation. As i3PT wanted a custom gym, we designed personalised Urethane Round Dumbbells, TPU Plates and Bumper Plates with the company logo. We wanted to create a clean and space conscious are so we brought the dumbbells up onto a three tier dumbbell racks. To suit the company's colours, we installed a blue elite modular half rack equipped with barbells and a Custom Nameplate. We also provided i3PT with Apollo Commercial Benches which are our best design yet.

Equipment Installed at i3PT